Violet ballet flats

Purple, mysterious and attractive. As well as attractive and pumps purple. Ballerinas of the color combined with almost any color of clothing image will look perfect. How and with what clothes you can combine ballet flats, read on.
Violet and white ballet flats. In conjunction with the white stuff purple ballet flats look amazing. Can bring elegance and casual look. Blue jeans, purple sweater and purple ballet flats made from simple image mysterious.
Ballerinas are the following materials: leather, fabric or suede, nubuck.
Purple color and a pair of ballet flats. Purple - the color of evening dresses. However, this rule applies only to clothing. So you without any censure on the style can wear purple ballet flats and accessories, day and night. In order to secure the purple in the image, it would be good to find a pair of ballet shoes in a bag or jacket. And it is not necessary that they were exactly the same shade. Shoes chosen, usually darker.
If you are a big fan of this color in your wardrobe and a lot of purple items, wear them with purple ballet flats and shiny ornaments.