Gray ballet flats

Gray ballet flats are practical because they can be combined with the clothes in colors like yellow, black, red, white and blue. In addition, gray ballet flats perfectly match with clothes, attended colors like yellow, pink and blue. These colors will become brighter.
Gray boots and gray. Gray ankle boots go well with the black and white things, as well as gray. You can combine different shades of gray in a single image. This may be the usual gray jeans and big sweater. You can just wear gray ankle boots low heel, tuck in a white shirt in gray jeans, and your daily pattern ready.
Gray ankle boots and bright colors. Gray as the main color blends well with moody shades as fuchsia, purple, hot pink, bright blue and bright yellow. Therefore, all that you need - is to create a harmonious basis. Gray jeans or trousers, black or white top, gray ankle boots with heels - that background, which is more intense will look like your bright yellow coat and bright pink jacket.
Shades of gray can range from light - slightly dusty white - to dark - almost black or brown. In any case, you get noble combination with almost all things in your wardrobe.