Lace Ballet Flats

If you are looking for a prominent and even glamorous shoes advised to pay attention to these Lace Ballet Flats. Ladies ballerina lace in the trend - in the coming season, they promise to be very popular. These shoes will be worn as a strict office or business, and a casual outfit. And all because the lacing looks interesting - it immediately attracts attention, it is a stylish decoration for any tastefully done model.
Noteworthy are the model of Sternness Blue, Andrea Conti, Esprit, Evita Shoes, Tamar is, it's no exaggeration to masterpieces of fashion in 2013. Looking at them, you realize that the trend will be shoes with laces with acute or middle toe high heels or wedges. However, for the demi periods may be other options, warmer and closed. Unchanged during the season and will remain fashionable colors - classic black, soft white, versatile gray and navy blue, and stylish cream and brown. Constancy can be observed in the issue of materials: in 2013, the trend is only the shoes, which is made of Eco-friendly and high-end skin (normal or patent), suede, lined with good textile.