Colored ballet flats

Spring 2013 has opened for us a new trend - the "block" color combinations, which implies a large local color spots. The summer of 2013 saw a growing tendency plain colored spots in the shoe. Very trendy this season colored ballet flats.
The main thing - to select the color. Because you can not guess with it, you can become an old-fashioned, and guessing - relevant. Remember: tangerine, red, pink, fuchsia, blue, cyan, green, yellow ...
The main advantage of a new trend - now do not have to "break" her head match colors together or not. Because in this new color and meaning of ballet shoes - they just have to be bright and bold, even in color! This is the main joy, but the main difficulty. For many it is difficult to decide on a purely psychological. But try it! Bright shoes charges such optimism and energy.
As for the texture of materials, I recommend a matte finish. Fabric, nubuck, suede ... No gloss! After brightness and so much! Gloss is not necessary, and so you will shine in all its glory with such bright little thing. So, lacquered leather, polished plastic, latex gloss and metallic surfaces do not take into consideration when making a purchase.
Ballerinas is incredibly easy to use and effective! Although the flat sole, too popular. Ballerinas of pure color to the invisible base - is the trend.
Convenience and brightness - to life!