Silver ballet flats

Bought silver ballet flats, because they could not stand? Or just planning to purchase? But do not hesitate because you do not know what to wear them then? Like what to wear with silver ballet flats, described below.
Silver is essentially a light shade of gray, but with a noble metal shine. Its color silver ballet flats associated with wealth, glamour and elegance. They can be made of satin material or embroidered with sparkling sequins. Best silver ballerina look combined with black clothing, as well as blue, blue and green. We offer you a few interesting images.
Silver ballet flats and blue. Well with the silver and blue colors. Most harmonious combination turns with gentle shades of blue and sea green. Try to wear a blue dress and concise silver ballet flats. Company such as to constitute the silver jewelry with blue stones or shiny belt.
Not a very good combination to be shiny silver ballet shoes with accessories Matt silver. Also should forget about gold and gold jewelry and accessories. Exceptions are only small specks of gold in the image of silver.