Yellow ballet flats

Having a wardrobe yellow ballet flats, you do not have things yellow. However, we are not saying that these ballet flats should be separate from the general image. With them you will have less time to choose things for the right combination, if you learn a few simple rules. How and with what to wear yellow ballet flats, described below.
Yellow ballet flats and striped things. Completely new striped things look in a company with yellow ballet flats. Black-and-white T-shirt or sweatshirt like sea vest next to shoes and accessories, the color of warm sun. You can wear the familiar blue jeans with a pale yellow shirt and ballet flats yellow for that stroll along the waterfront. No yellow jersey? Then, perhaps, in your wardrobe there yellow costume jewelry that can make a company yellow ballet flats. As you can see, does not necessarily have a lot of yellow things to combine yellow ballet flats in the image.
Yellow ballet flats with yellow stuff. If your wardrobe is yellow stuff, you can buy a blue or yellow ballet flats. Blue ballet flats will work as a contrasting element, further emphasizing the yellow stuff, and yellow - would add to the brightness. Wear blue jeans with summer yellow blouse and yellow ballerina flats with a bow. Your image is ready.