Embroidered Ballet Flats

Women's shoes, ballerinas get their name because of resemblance to shoes ballerinas. Soft and comfortable ballet flats, follows the contours of the foot, provide ease and natural movements.
Ballerinas with embroidery-casual shoes for the city Simple and elegant shape, slim, almost weightless sole or small, purely symbolic heels - ballet flats suitable for everyone, without exception, and have already gained an exceptional liking the female population.
Ballerinas embroidered perfectly with smooth skirts strict forms, and with tight trousers and leggings. Modern models can be safely combined with jackets, windbreakers, ballerinas sports type - even with a track suit. This is not just fashionable, but comfortable shoes, which produce the most popular fashion house.
Number of people willing to buy ballet flats is increasing year by year. In the ranks of fans ballet shoes with embroidery can be seen and ardent supporters of high studs, and sneakers fans and lovers of coarse shoes. Designers are experimenting with color and materials, styled "ballet" shoes for different types of shoes.
Modern fashion has solutions for every taste: leather and suede ballet flats, models of tweed, satin or lace, ballet flats, with embroidery, sequins or beads, decorated with ribbons and feathers, colored with prints in the spirit of seasonal trends.