Blue ballet flats

Ballerinas are the following materials: leather, fabric or suede, nubuck.
Blue ballet flats almost universal. It is worth recalling just about color compatibility: blue will look great with pink, purple, coral, light purple, yellow, bright blue, dark blue, gray, white, beige. Turquoise is combined with white, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green.
Ballet flats with trousers. Not wear ballet flats with trousers, which call on the ankle or, worse, those styles, which are quite close your foot. Under secret fashion-pants ban as the arrow styles "breeches", trousers bananas, variations on trousers. Just perfectly with skinny jeans ballet flats, "pipes", capris, highlighting the figure.
Ballerinas with dresses. Even the most elegant and sophisticated ballet flats will look utterly ridiculous, complete with evening dresses. They are generally better not to wear sun dresses "to the floor" (especially narrowed), maxi dresses and skirts the same.
Ballerinas with outerwear. Should not wear these shoes with long coats or cloaks. They are not combined for the season, and by that same outerwear worn by ballerinas should be short, and youth. It is permissible to wear this shoe trench to the knee.