Green ballet flats

Green ballet flats as lush greenery, you can add fresh image and create a good foundation for other bright accents. How and with what to wear, read on.
Ballerinas green clothes go well with black and white. This is a beautiful combination of colors forms a good impression. The easiest way, the combination of colors and clothes to wear these ballet shoes, black jeans, a white shirt and green ballet flats. Blue jeans - good company for green ballet slippers, and a very interesting combination - a practical way every day. Judge for yourself. Blue jeans have in the wardrobe of every girl should just add any coats, sweater or shirt, and every day you look fresh and every time a new way. Perfect fit for the green bag ballet flats of the same color, or a bag of blue-green print, or any other green things out of your wardrobe. And finally a couple of interesting ways. If you\'re a big fan of green and your wardrobe a lot of green things, then just join them and green ballet flats in a single image. In this case, try to combine different shades of green saturation and intensity. Let be the brightest accessories and pumps, and the rest of the image is made up of soft and muted colors.