Peep Toe Ballet Flats

Recently, women's ballet flats with open nose become indispensable for fashionistas everywhere. Note that this trend is relevant not only in the summer - it goes well in the spring and warm autumn. These shoes are universal and practical, these properties make it extremely popular. In the warmer months in the fashion and light models presented in a wide variety, you will be very comfortable at the beach or in the office.
With the open bow pressure is more evenly distributed, thereby reducing stress feet, helping to feel more comfortable and confident. In addition, ballet flats with open nose emphasize elegance and visually make the legs slimmer. Without a doubt, the "ideal" for the production of such shoes are considered to be natural materials. Leather models from Alba Moda, Andrea Conti or HEINE stand out for their elegance and beauty. Note that with proper care they will last more than one season, without losing the original form. Also for footwear manufacturers often use artificial materials that give almost unlimited scope for the imagination of designers.